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IWLA 2017 Award & Grant Recipients

2017 IWLA Educator of the Year Recipients

 Meg Fandel for Elementary/Middle School (left) and Kim Huegerich for Secondary (right),
pictured with IWLA President Pam Wesely

2017 Michael Oates "Teacher of Promise" Recipients

Elizabeth Schupp (left) and Monica Martinez (right),
pictured with IWLA President Pam Wesely

2017 IWLA Distinguished Service Recipient

 Kerisa 'Keeka' Baedke (right),
with IWLA President Pam Wesely

2017 Grant Recipient

Emily Huff, Denver High School (Denver, IA)


2017 Best of Iowa Presentation

Mari Surma for "Get Your Students HOOKED on Language!"
She will represent IWLA at Central States Conference in March 2019

Past Recipients of IWLA Awards and Honors


Educator of the Year

Distinguished Service

Teacher of Promise

Friend of IWLA

2017Meg Fandel

Kim Huegerich

 Kerisa Baedke
Elizabeth Schupp
Monica Martinez

 Sandra Dop


Stacy Amling

Christine McCormick

Taylor Thenhaus

Emily Wallace


Kate Falvey

Larry Pace

Robert Benesh

Loni O’Grady

Marcia Powell

Beatrice Houston


Carrie Morris

Amy Murphy

Susan Sandholm Petersen

Mary Stimmel

Ashley Kielty

Amanda Kerper


Keith Bonnstetter

Catherine Keech

Sarah Nelson


Marianne Sandberg

Wade Petersen

Jose Garcia

Kalifornia Grey

Lindsey Wenner


Regina Schantz

Julie Wilhelm


Jim Gerrans

Marcia Rosenbusch


Candace Sherwood

Jean-Pierre Taoutel

Julio Rodríguez


Lisa Sobotka

Anne Lair

Cathy Stone


Coralie Turner

Elizabeth Zwanziger Page

Sara Blanco


Dawn Bratsch-Prince

Anna Marasco


Lindsey Rice Cornwell

Susan Sandholm Petersen

Beth VanderWilt

Terri Gebel


Catherine (Kay) Wells

Patricia Calkins

Dawn Frye


Wade Petersen

Linda Quinn Allen


Steve A. Christianson

Tammy Dunn

Catherine (Kay) Wells


Shelly Power

Bill Hemmes

Tatiana Spektor

Eunice Van Tuyl

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Recipients of the Educator of the Year Award prior to 2001:

Jim Becker, Lydia Ruiz, Marcia Rosenbusch, Nile Vernon, Anne Volkman, Donna Grunstad, James Graham, Sandy Nyhus, Shelly Winters, Magdalena Mujica-Voy, Michael Oates, Barbara Maitland, Toni Baugher, Walter Chatfield, Janine Shelley, Barbara Peterson, Dedi Walker, Rosemarie VanDyk, Patricia Westphal, Janet Brown Lowe, Evelyn Bress, Joan Pace, Joan Lewis, Jacques Dubois, Lieselotte Ritter, Jane Klaver, Linda Wilson, Ana Peck, Cheryl Voelliger, Connie Smith, Tom Dougless, Jurgen Koppensteiner, Russ Freerking, Alicia Van Bergen, Denise Murray, Nelle Hutter, Heidi Galer, Jeanette Borich, Sally Clute, Donna Van Bodegraven, Eunice Van Tuyl, Holly Kaptain, Kerisa Baedke, Mercia Foster, Paris Sangrene, Trish Colburn, Larry Pace, Joye Lore-Larson, Lowell Hoeft, Hildegard (Pochy) Morales, Jere Brands, Moira McCluney

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