Iowa World
Language Association
   Dr. Chad M. Gasta 2017 Conference Keynote Speaker    “FROM YOUR CLASSROOM TO THE WORLD”

Educating Tomorrow’s Global Leaders  

Let’s celebrate Iowa teachers! 

We seek to educate and train global citizens and instill in them a passion for the world. And it all starts at home with Iowa teachers. Whether in the classroom, by leading study abroad and exchange programs, or by mentoring, world language teachers are likely the most influential voices for global engagement and multiculturalism in Iowa. They are also the single biggest reason that students in college take up study of a language, or travel, volunteer, work, or  study in faraway lands. Let me take you on a journey to demonstrate the amazing impact Iowa world language teachers are having on global workforce development as they strive to change the face of Iowa and the world.

Mr. Larry Pace

Saturday Featured Speaker

Distinguished Service Award Recipient 2015

As a forty-one year modern language instructor who led nearly thirty student study trips, I can  attest to the truth in the conference theme, Oh, The Places We'll Go. I can add Oh, The Faces You’ll Know on your teaching odyssey. 

I hope to enhance Dr. Gasta’s message from Friday's keynote speech by providing an Iowa teacher's personal experiences with student travel, camps and competitions, community service, colleagues, and connections, all of which encourage motivation for language learning.


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