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Many teachers who have been unable to attend the annual conference have asked for conference presenters to post their handouts and packets on our website. We encourage those presenters, from ANY past conference, who would be willing to share their materials and expertise with others, to contact any of the IWLA officers. You can email your presentation handouts or packets as Word files or as pdf files. Thanks to the generosity of all who are willing to share their ideas to help improve the teaching of world languages in Iowa!

2011 Conference Presentation Materials:

"Target Language Tribulations and Tenacity"
from Dr. Elizabeth Zwanziger Page / Price Lab School
"Viva la Clase"
from Coralie Turner and Amy Schuman / Grandview University

"Combing Through the Strands of 21st Century 
Skills in French and Spanish"
from Dr. Elizabeth Zwanziger Page and Mary Doyle / UNI

"FUNdamentals of Classroom Motivation"
from Susan Sandholm-Petersen and José Garcia
Waukee Middle School

"Youth Culture in the Francophone World"
from Nicole Kaplan and Maria Snyder / Central College

"Creating Enhanced Audio Materials to Help the 21st Century Language Learner"
from Marta Lence, Julio Rodriguez / Iowa State University

"Melting Pot of Activities"
from Elizabeth Gretillat / West Hancock High School

"Technology Applications for Spanish Instruction"
from Francys Herrera / Waterloo East High School

"A Little Something for Everyone"
from Amy van der Meer / Jefferson-Scranton High School

"Bring El Día de los Muertos Alive for Your Students"

from Kerisa Baedke / Prairieview School in Waukee

DOTD handout.pdf

Dia de los Muertos cuento.pdf

Day of the Dead Oral Presentation Rubric.pdf

selfeval DOTD Altar.pdf

DOTD Dances.pdf

"How I Made TPRS Work for Me"
from Chris McCormick / Waukee Prairieview School

TPRS Presentation.pptx


TPRS IWLA Handout.docx

"Differentiation in the World Language Classroom"
Stephanie Wilson / Waukee Curriculum Director

"The flippin' Classroom"
from Kimberly Huegerich / South Hamilton M.S./H.S.

"Regalar a los Demás"
Paula McDougall / Dunkerton High School

"Pretérito Perfecto y Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto" 
from Yertty VanderMolen / Luther College
"Teaching Culture from Day 1"
from Patricia Calkins, Sharon Wilkinson, Marzia Corni-Benson
Simpson College

"Technology in the Spanish Classroom:
Web 2.0 tools and How to Connect 1:1 Schools"
from Stacey Wigant (Van Meter H.S.),
Juliana Smith (Newell-Fonda H.S.), 
and Kim Huegerich (South Hamilton H.S.)

"Dare to Be Different"
from Wade Petersen / Valley Southwoods, West Des Moines
Dare to Be Different.pdf

"¡Vamos! An Innovative Interdisciplinary 
Service Learning Project"
from Giada Biasetti, Rema Nilakanta / Iowa State University

"Teaching the Way our Students Want To Learn"
from Kat Dierking / Central Decatur High School

"Blended Learning: The Way of the Future in Language Learning and Teaching?"
from Marc Cadd and Clayton Mitchell / Drake University

"Formative Assessment in the Foreign Language Classroom"
from Erin Fishell, Vanessa Nelson, Angie Lawrence / Anamosa H.S.
Formative Assessment.pdf

2010 Conference Presentation Materials:
"Fire and Ice"
IWLA Presentation / 2010
from Wade Petersen
Fire and Ice.pdf

2009 Conference Presentation Materials:

"Fun and Games: Frosting Your Classroom Cake"
"Best of Iowa" 2009 / Central States 2011
from Wade Petersen
Cake Spanish Packet.pdf
Cake French Packet CS 2011.pdf
Cake German Packet.pdf

2008 Conference Presentation Materials:

"Battle of France" (Spain / Germany)
IWLA Presentation / 2008
from Wade Petersen
Battle Packet.cwk (WP).pdf

2007 Conference Presentation Materials:

"Top 20 Toys for Terrific Teaching"
"Best of Iowa" 2007 / Central States 2008
from Wade Petersen
TOP 20 TEXT.pdf



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