Iowa World
Language Association

2011 Keynote and Luncheon Speakers

Ellen Bernard Shrager

Friday Opening Session Speaker

Ellen Shrager is a full time Spanish teacher in a public school outside Philadelphia.  She is the author of “Teacher Dialogues – A Survival Guide to Successful Dialogues with Low-Performing Students, Indulged Students, and Enabling Parents.  Ellen uses a blend of current research, personal classroom anecdotes, and humor to present her keynote address and sessions.


Keynote Address:  Overcoming feelings of “teacher burn-out” with today’s students.  How to compassionately bridge the gap between attitudes and behaviors students bring to the class and the attitudes and behaviors they need to appropriately function in the classroom.

Additional Featured Sessions:

·         Enabling Parents

·         Organizing and Motivating the Unorganized and Unmotivated

·         20 Websites for WL Teachers

·         Saturday Breakfast with Ellen: For New Teachers

Sarah Brown Wessling

Friday Luncheon Speaker 

Sarah Wessling is a high school English teacher at Johnston High School in Johnston, Iowa where she has taught a variety of literature and composition courses for a spectrum of learners.   Currently, Sarah serves as President of the Iowa Council of Teachers of English.  She is a member of the Iowa State Education Association and a National Board Certified Teacher.  Sarah is the 2010 Iowa Teacher of the Year and was recently named the 2010 National Teacher of the Year.

Sarah lives her belief that, “Learning must be learner-centered.”  To Wessling, learner-centered education means, as she says, “creating a web of rigorous content, real-world experience, and inquiry-based experiences around the learner.”

Luncheon Address: Out from Under the Desk: Why Growing Deliberateness is our Collective Opportunity

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