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Pearson is in need of Language Educators to score edTPA

27 Aug 2014 2:43 PM | Amy Robison

The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) and the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE) invite you to become a scorer for edTPA™. Designed for the profession by the profession to support candidate learning and preparation program growth and renewal, edTPA was developed by teachers and teacher educators from across the nation in collaboration with faculty and staff from Stanford University. Aligned with the Common Core State Standards and InTASC Standards, edTPA assesses teaching that promotes student learning in diverse contexts.

SCALE, AACTE and Pearson invite teacher educators and accomplished teachers to score edTPA. Pearson is hiring teacher educators and accomplished teachers to score edTPA from a secure, private location such as home or office. Qualified candidates will complete training, pass a qualification and then score edTPA assessments.

edTPA Scorer Qualifications –

All scorers are recruited and selected because of their documented experience both with beginning teachers and with subject-matter content. The criteria for selecting and training scorers are rigorous and include:

– expertise in the subject matter or developmental level of the teaching field (degree and/or professional experience);

– teaching experience in that field (or experience teaching methods courses or supervising student teachers in that field); and

– experience mentoring or supervising beginning teachers, or administering programs that prepare them.

edTPA Scorer Commitment –

Scorers must complete a training curriculum that includes about 19 to 24 hours of online modules, interactive web-based sessions, and scoring of several qualification portfolios.

In addition to completing the training, scorers are expected to score a minimum of 8 edTPA portfolios within a month depending on the number of submissions.

Portfolios are available for scorers to score at their convenience; the average time to score a portfolio is approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Scorers are compensated for training time and for portfolios scored.

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