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One of the first steps in advocacy is making your program and student successes visible to your district, administrators, parents, and community.

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IWLA Initiative to Add World Languages to the Iowa Core Curriculum

IWLA's Position Paper

As a follow up to the letter-writing campaign, a position paper was approved by the Executive Board to be submitted to business and education partners in order to garner support for our initiative.  You can read the position paper by clicking the link below or by downloading it.

Read Online | Download Position Paper[PDF] [DOC]

Sample Letters

The following are drafts of sample letters that can be used to contact any business or university personnel that we are willing to contact.  The letters ask for support and request letters of support to be sent to our organization to be presented to the Iowa Department of Education.

Business [DOC]

University - Sample A [DOC]

University - Sample B [DOC]

Together we can all make a difference!

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