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IWLA 2008 Award Recipients

Past Awards: 2007 2006 2005

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Lisa Sobotka addresses the membership after being named Outstanding Educator at the secondary level
Dr. Anne Lair being congratulated by IWLA President Dawn Frye after being named Outstanding Educator at the post-secondary level
IWLA President Dawn Frye congratulates Cathy Stone of Perry High School on her Distinguished Service Award

Outstanding Educator of the Year

Lisa Sobotka (Secondary Level)
Valley Southwoods High School

West Des Moines (Spanish)


Anne Lair (Post-Secondary)
University of Northern Iowa (French)


Past Recipients

Distinguished Service Award

Cathy Stone
Perry High School, Perry, Iowa (French)


Best of Iowa Presentation

Drama Games for the FL Classroom
Paulino Brenner City of Lakes Waldorf School 
Paulino will present his workshop at the Central States Conference in 2010.

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